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We are a professional manufacturer based in Taiwan with the best quality and stable supply capacity. We have more than 32 years of experience in film & sheet production, excellent company reputation, and famous customers worldwide. With our professional technology and packaging background, we can offer customers complete solutions.

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ISO 9001 Certificate
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ISO 22000 Certificate

About Intlpak

In 1991, Intlpak Enterprises Corporation is an investment from Sun A group which is the largest packaging material Supplier in the Great China area. The company introduced the most advanced coextrusion technology for producing the multilayer packaging materials of sheet and film.

The factory is concluded with clean room GMP strategy and also been installed with the fully automatic computer control production lines.

The products are widely used in foods, cosmetics, medical cares, industrial packages, electronic components, and other packaging materials, all applications according to different characters of products and requirement.



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