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Easy Peel Film for Retort Food

The product requires to sterilize by high temperature and pressure condition, containers and lidding films are easy to blast due to the difference of internal & external pressure. Therefore, it's not very easy to seal safe and also to open/peel easily.  Choosing a fine quality product of retort easy peel film (sterilized easy peel film) is very important. With operating the sterilization (autoclave) correctly and proper materials will help you to reduce the failure and loss.

    The products on the market nowadays are of uneven quality and non-consistent. Our easy open/peel retort film (EO-RCPP) is the product with stable quality, excellent performance and very high demand in the market.

Our EO-RCPP film is a high temperature resistant and easy-open/easy-peel lidding films for PP containers, suitable for commercial retort (temperature 121-125 °C) lid stock. The heat-sealing temperature window (sealing temperature range) is wide, more than 30 °C. The peel strength before and after sterilization is very stable and very easy to open-peel. Intlpak has the world-class advanced equipment and technology. We understand customer needs, meet customers demand, and help them to solve the problems. Providing a solution to the market which has the problems with not easy to open.

† 防霧聚乙烯膜

Food Packaging Lidding Film Easy Open Retortable CPP

Product Specification

Product Dimension

Thickness: 35μ, 50μ, 70μ
Width: Customization by required
Length: 4000M, 3000M, 2000M

Product Feature

1.      Stable resistance in 121 heating condition. Suitable for pressurized high-temperature sterilization.

2.      Stable peel force in before and after sterilization.

3.      Wide heat seal window (more than 30 ).

4.      It has both seal security and easy open property.