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Medical Care Package Nylon Thermoform Film NE110

Suitable of Medical care vacuum thermal forming package of depth drawing 25~35mm. Such as Game Sponge & swab cotton available of Gauze 3" * 3" 70pcs/㎡, 4" * 4" 50pcs/㎡

† 防霧聚乙烯膜

Medical Care Package Nylon Thermoform Film NE110

Product Specification

Product Structure


Product Dimension

Thickness: 110μ
320mm~1000mm 可依客戶要求
500M/Roll 1000M/Roll.
Suggested drawing depth: 25~35mm

Product Feature

1. Good Formability

Because of casting method it is easier to be thermal formed than the Laminated or Coax-Blown film, and with the well thickness distribution, it can be processed in maximum rate.

   2. Pin Hole Resistance

With the C-NY flex-crack resistance, pinhole is not
easy to appear, and keeps the product in aseptic

 3. Suitable for EOGEthylene Oxide Gas γ-Ray

The strength of the packaging film wills not decrease or yellowing after the radiation Sterilization.

   4. Good Appearance

1 High transparency 2High Glossy 3Die line free4Good slippery

   5. Solvent Free

There is no solvent needed during the process, it keeps the product safe and sanitary.

6. Thickness controlled

Auto die controlled thickness, make sure the minimum gauge variation.

7. Gas Barrier Property

The NY based film offers medium gas barrier performance, while the NY plus EVOH based film offers a high gas barrier propery. This latter film structure is becoming popular in Japan. This maximizes the food freshness and flavor protection as well as minimizes the dosage of preservatives.

8. Mass Production, Quality Reliable

With mass production of fixed specification, we supply customers our stable products with various kinds of width quantity.