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Retort CPP Film (RCPP, Retort Cast Polypropylene)

Retort Pouch Packaging is made by retort cpp, aluminum foil, PA film or others. Retort CPP Film is used as the high temperature packaging such as retort pouch for food which can be boiled at 120℃ for 30 minutes to disinfect.

Our multi-layer co-extrusion technology produces Retort CPP Film with high toughness, excellent barrier properties, and excellent heat-sealing performance. It is used in food, medicine, composite packaging, grease and meat products, etc. It can also be used for various special applications.

1. General cooking type.

The retort CPP to use for retort pouch that can withstand at 120°C and 15MPa pressure. The retort pouch keeps the shape and flavor of the internal food. And also, it will not crack, peel or stick, and has excellent dimensional stability. The retort CPP film is often laminated with nylon(PA) film or printed BOPP, BOPET, packaged food containing soup and juice, meatballs, dumplings, and other frozen food processed before eating.

2. High temperature steaming type.

Packaging roast chicken, roast pork ribs and jam, beverages need 121 ~ 135 ℃ high-temperature sterilization of the retort CPP film, where copolymer PP requires better performance than the general cooking type copolymer PP. In addition to the retort film, there is also cast barrier five-layer packaging, the structure of which is: PP/adhesive/PA; PP/adhesive/EVOH/adhesive/PA.

† 防霧聚乙烯膜

Retort CPP Film

Product Specification

Product Structure

PP/PP/Retort PP

Product Dimension

Thickness: 70μ
Width: 430mm~1000mm
Length: 2000M

Example of Applications

Retort Pouch Packaging

PET / Alu / OPA / Retort CPP Film

Product Feature

1.      Mid, Low Temp (125ºC) steam.

2.      High Temp (140ºC) steam.

3.      Good Stiffness, Low Temp sealing.

4.      Excellent impacts resist at low temperature.

5.      Excellent separative function for oil and juice.

6.      Good thermal sealing performance.

7.      Lamination for food sterilizing package or retort pouch.

8.      Medical sterilizing package.

9.      Automatic Package for bag and retort pouch.